Past Games

A house of memories, a home of 3. Even as years pass, a hard decision must be done. Explore the house and your memories, and see your story unfold.
The Earth is absorbed into a black hole caused by an accident involving the Large Hadron Collider. Your mission is to pick up the debris left by earth's explosion and rebuild earth from scratch.
See the world through a different set of eyes in our 2D platformer puzzle game.
The game is set in a post zombie apocalyptic world where the zombie genome has split into two variants. One variant Puts the Zombie body in stasis preserving the body but stopping the heart. The other variant enhanced the flesh eating zombies, making them even more difficult to kill. Your Character "Hezues" was given the responsibility of wielding humanity's last hope against the zombie horde "the Lazarus Canon". It was made to completely eradicate the stasis zombie genome from the human body host thus, reversing the zombification process and restarting the heart. This is your mission.