Past Games

Puzzle game about placing components that will help the correct transmission of data
S P L O S H is a local multiplayer brawler for eight players. The goal is to survive as long as possible while sploshing the other players into their potential death by the fabulous pink jellyfish.
Once upon a time there was a humble native. He was happy with his life doing simple things....But he didn't know that he was a little bit special.... He was chosen by Inti to save Pachamama f
Type: Runner You are a basic element, but you can switch to another type of element to pass through different levels
Game realized for the GGJ by Troll Ninjas. A game in which we mix rorschach images and gameplay to help you know a little bit more about yourself.
A second chance is given to come back to life depending on the decisions taken by the player. The game judges whether the decisions you make are right and therefore deserve a second opportunity.