Past Games

In Phantom Light, venture with Asier, a spirit trying to find resolve in his death. Play your way through past memories gathering clues to find closure and move into the afterlife. Face countless sh
A dog tries to rebuild his former master by collecting his missing body parts. - Navigate the park using the arrow keys - Collect Body Parts using the space bar
This game solves the ages old question of "how do I plug my cat into the speaker"! Starting with one type of signal output, the player must quickly match and connect objects until the fin
Take on the daring role of a professional Crap Connector! Your goal is to transmit the signal from an origin device to an end-point device. The problem is that you don't seem to have the correct, direct fitment connector! This game will help you solve the mystery of connecting your Speakers by way of your Cat. Created in less than 48 hours by a group of Playcrafting initiates using Unity Engine and free assets.

Hearty Games