Past Games

Something has happened to your family's relationships: everyone is grumpy, sad and lonely.
Home is where the heart is but sometimes getting there can be a difficult task. Mouse and keyboard Controls: - WASD to move. - Mouse to look around. - Left Mouse button to interract. - Space an
Game where you try to help a small Amoeba to avoid danger and find food using splash waves.
It's time to perform the sacred Voodoo ritual using these three Spirit Totems! Please the Spirits by matching Totem Faces or colors either horizontally or Vertically.
What to do when your work is on the line and your co-workers are spending more time racing office chairs than working? Use WASD to move Left-click to Grab a worker and again to charge and launch him
2 Players compete to find treasures from mysterious mansion and the first one to find them all wins.
A puzzle 2D platformer of the heart, where you are a germ trying to make your way through to heart into the brain. Red cells (Blueish dots) are food and white cells ( Purple goo) try to stop you. The speed and tempo of the game increases according to the progress you make. Also, your surroundings are affected by the beating heart. The ending might not be the ending you want, nor running out of bacteria isn't essentially a bad thing. P.S. You don't die, but your bacteria gets converted into white cell among contact.