Vinicius Menezio

Past Games

Time's all wonked up. But as a seasoned clockmaker, you know full well you can't just get in there and fix it yourself.
As a jolly gnome, it's your job to help people find homes within their houses. Let's get to work!
Stop an infiltrated spy to leak classified information before it's too late.
In Lore of Zawadi you play as Xambutu, a mystical entity telling the story of Zawadi, priestess of of the Great Oracle, during her sacred mission to inform the 9 tribes of the impending cataclysm soon to engulf the world. Xambutu makes use of his shamanistic drums to solemnly summon her memory back from the beyond and allow her to relieve her last adventure. As the player, you must protect Zawadi from the perils that pave her path while keeping her heart beating safely. Controls: Left drums - Q, W, E Right drums - I, O, P Start / Restart - ENTER
Just press space to jump and try to stay alive as long as you can