Past Games

¡Recupera tu pala y encuentra el tesoro, siguiendo una serie de pistas! ¡Crea tus propios mapas y reta a otros jugadores! ¡Juga niveles creados por otros jugadores!
Repair you memories to discover your past
You control a person who returns to his hometown after been forced to leave for a long time. With some vague memories, you try to build your past and return home.
Cooperative game for 2-3 players in which they need to solve puzzles controlling several characters simultaneously. Each player has access to a certain set of actions for each character.
The Tesla Escape is a skill-based puzzle game in which you have to guide a cute small bot ball to the exit door, just using magnets placed on each room corner.
Memory game based on traditional "Simon says" game. The player must watch and learn a sequence of actions from a man who suffers from an OCD, and then, repeat it correctly to keep him calm.
2 local players runner game. One of the players tries to survive while picking up as many power-ups as possible.
What comes to mind when you think of grannies and clowns? A frenetic arcade shooter, that's what!