Victor Oda

Past Games

Protect your home against as many waves as you can Proteja seu lar contra as diversas ondas que vem
Viaje pelo espaço entre as moléculas, aonde os átomos vibram e emitem ondas reagindo em busca do elemento ZERO.
Two different tribes, that live on the same island, must constantly provide sacrifices for their local and insatiable volcano called Marvin!
The game is about helping animals to atract their partners.
A survival/puzzle game, where you have to survive. There is three main threats: Lack of Oxygen, invasion of aliens and holes that may suck you into the outer space.
You play as a counselor in a incredibly unstable kingdom. Every day the king changes, there is an orc king, a human kings as well as an elf queen.
Game de desenvolvimento pessoal
A puzzle adventure game in which a boy must find his lost family after an unexpected event. For this, he will have to use his heart and feelings across the map.