Past Games

In a distant future, you must travel out into the flooded ruins of a city to rescue survivors and fetch resources to bring back to your hill-top colony.
You and another brave soul take on the roles of two top neurosurgeons, tasked with restoring the memories of patients using an experimental new technique.
You play as a (somehow familiar) retired wizard who has decided to open up a pub in the land of the goblins.
Help Clarence get to his desired train station so he can get to his work as a P.D (Penguin Detective) solving the fishy crimes around this 80's themed procedurally-generated metro system of ineff
A Small Unfinished game about hallucinating on a island with a lighthouse.
Desecrate the sacred ruins, beware the guardians, find the altar. Use the glowing runes to power your gun, but be careful!
A great evil is corrupting the world with and army of toxic slime creatures hellbent on consuming everything.

Hearty Games