Past Games

It's a game where you defend your house.
If robot boats could have babies...! A customer of your shipyard wants a custom-made robot boat. Your task as a boat builder is to ensure she will get a boat of her liking...
You are a reformed cultist. You must navigate through the pitfalls of everyday life using the only actions you've learned at Cultist School. Can you buy bananas using your sacrificial knife?
Play as T-Bag and Galeb on their trip through the hoods. Available on PC, Mac and Web browser
A puzzle 2D platformer of the heart, where you are a germ trying to make your way through to heart into the brain. Red cells (Blueish dots) are food and white cells ( Purple goo) try to stop you. The speed and tempo of the game increases according to the progress you make. Also, your surroundings are affected by the beating heart. The ending might not be the ending you want, nor running out of bacteria isn't essentially a bad thing. P.S. You don't die, but your bacteria gets converted into white cell among contact.