Past Games

A shaman from a tribe of cute creatures must keep the peace among them, the shaman started a sacrifice ritual to summon an avatar of hope that will restore his tribe to it's lost glory. Follow t
Asteroid Galaxy Tour is a game about being an SpaceShip captain. Your crew and you are about to cross the galaxy finding any kind of hazards before you reach your destiny.
El cosechador de corazones Un juego para 2-4 jugadores En un momento de aburrimiento el señor del infierno ha decidido crear un pequeño juego. Este consiste en liberar al ganador de las cadenas que atan su corazón de las llamas del infierno, devolviéndole su latido en vida. Los voluntarios fueron abundantes, pero pocos sobrevivieron al caos de la selección. Tú y tus compañeros encarnan a estas desdichadas almas que buscan recuperar sus insignificantes corazones…del Cosechador de Corazones. Buena suerte
Reanimator is a game that focus into the ability of our main character, Hearty, to reanimate the dead. Hearty's world has been corrupted by evil beings that seek to destroy the very heart of the land. These evil foes had been succesful at achieving this. Fortunately, Hearty has the power to reanimate the dead villagers and restore the land by renewing their heart. To win the game, you must reanimate the dead villagers and escort them to the heart of the village. Hearty does not attack so you will need the aid of the former guardians of the village to protect you and that you want to save. Reanimator is a fun fast-paced game, with a strong original conceptual base that the game if built around.