Past Games

Psychomania is a terrifying, team-based horror game in which find yourself in an insane asylum overrun with vampires.
Play as Charon the ferryman of the underworld. You collect souls as you progress throughout the underworld with your ferry.
Go Go Gretzilla is a top down 3D action game in which the player takes on the role of Greta Thunberg as a mechanised Godzilla-like force of nature, taking action against an uncaring world by taking on
Nexus is a first person battle royale shooter, set in a time nexus. Players are passengers in time, sucked from their timeline into an all-out battle to the death, against the clock.
Smash things and reverse time to repair a broken world! To fix things, you must break things!
Join pimp master Davey supreme in following the stride of the penguins!! Manage what the penguins do each day and control their supplies of fish , ice, coffee and other penguin like necessities in or
HTC Vive Knuckles game where you build a house out of tetrominoes to protect the pig from the wolf. "Little pig, little pig, let me come in." "No, no, by the hair on my chiny chin
Play as Elon the explorer. In that spirit he intends to conquer the universe and help humanity maintain the upper hand over all other alien species. Or does he...?