Past Games

Compete with your friends for points as you build waffle plates.
Section CD presents "Tape P.I"! As a private investigator, you've been hired to eavesdrop an apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York.
The pirates washed up on the sandy shore on separate parts of the island. At long last, their goal was in sight! A mad scramble ensued as they dashed to collect the precious gems!
A lonely ship, lost in space. What will you do? What CAN you do?
Real-time two player strategy game where you explore and navigate on separate parts of the screen. Moving with the WASD (player 1) and arrow keys (player 2) examine the elements you come accross.
"There is a pulse...It started 20 years ago, and it has never stopped. It ruined our homes but now we will learn to live with it" In a dystopian world a wave, an even pulse, causes the landscape to expand as it passes. Use the wave to reach your goal. But beware of the dangers it creates! Use the arrow keys to navigate and get to the door.
Eat to grow, grow to eat youself. you can do it!
voice (or rather pitch) controlled game. starring the earth, sun, and lots and lots of comets and posibly other enemies.