Past Games

The Environment is more and more polluted. The oceans are full of trash and there...
Our game is about a farmer that defends his property against potato monsters summoned by warlocks in their filthy vegetable-pumped ritual.
You are a voodoo shamann of mindless tribe. Your tribesmen constantly forget what they were suppose to do, so keep them running!
GGJ (Gadu-Gadu Jitters) is a simulation of emoticons-like creatures, that only purpose is... to survive. But noones try to kill them. They just might die of old age. Save is in procreation. Faster, than people die. Game is as real as demographic situation in europe. Each female have to give birth to 2 children, in order to keep the populance. Untolerantly, only male-female emotes can produce emotes. Make love not war!