Past Games

You have to keep jumping with your friends to keep the flow going until you reach Nirvana
A guy lose his job and the bank is taking away his home, he is totally desperate, out of money and he has to feed his family, so he take the only way out to survive, steal chickens from the fridges of
STORY: In this crazy world full with millions of persons, you have to find your true love in the middle of this chaos, but not all the people likes you, there are a few evil persons that If they get you they will make your life miserable. So here begins your journey looking for your love and running away from the evil ones. INSTRUCTIONS: You have to move in the labyrinth looking for your love at the same time you avoid evil people who hates you. The closer you get to the one you love the faster your heart beat will pump and the bar of love will grow, but be aware that being closer the the people who hate you makes your heart beat also faster and the bar of hate will also grow. CONTROLS: Key Arrows to move. [OPTIONAL] Keys A and D to rotate camera. [OPTIONAL] Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out.