Past Games

GGJTUT2015 #4 Team Hamamatsu Find and Collect Mr.Suzuki
普段のあなたが見ている現実は、真実ではない……回転によって陶酔し、トランス状態になることにより、真実の道を見ることができる! Things you see usually is not true......rotate to be in a state of trance and you can see the true way!
Title:LoveShoot! This game is "Love Talking for a girl, by the shooting". There is some words on boxes and balloons. These come from upper, you should shoot! If you can clash these on love-words, a girl will be feel happy. But if you clash these on bad-words, she will be angry.
This is 2D Horizontal Scroll game. You control \"Ouroboros\" and escape from dungeon.