Past Games

This game tells a branching story about life and death of Captain Hermann and mysterious man called Count Kiken. Does every decision really count, or is the end inevitable?
The game shows a hidden side of the dungeons where heroes and villains all alike abandon their quest for a reason or another and hire someone else to gather the valuables they leave behind.
In this game you basically just do work at your home. Find out yourself and click away!
A Challenging bullet-hell game with an aquatic theme! Fight your way through a challenging level filled with enemies, and two deadly bosses! Deep down in the depths of an ocean... Princess Esriel
Multiplayer game where you gather mana to prepare ritual casting! Take a seat and help your fellow cultist in the elemental rite. Fill your ritual meter before your opponent and you win!
A 2D Platforming game about a guy who finds himself in a abandoned factory, and soon finds out that he is not alone. Or is he?

Hearty Games