Past Games

Try to put together a sweeter house than everyone else! Use funny hints to acquire the best rooms & things, or guess your opponents hints to get them for yourself!
An alien is being bombarded by different kinds of waves that are harmful to him, but also needs good rainbow waves to get through so he can get home.
Make an offering of crystals to the moon goddess before she gets mad! The player who completes the most offers wins!
The game where everyone did it. The Queen of Space Colony X is pregnant and she is hungry for the father’s head.
The player is a news reporter trying to piece together stories for tomorrow's newspaper. He must find photos, investigate word leads, and then create a headline from the pieces.
Experience the fast-paced world of urgent care in NURSE LAZARO'S NIGHT SHIFT. Choose a patient, research symptoms, then diagnose and treat the illness. NURSE LAZARO'S NIGHT SHIFT is the world's most realistic nursing simulator. Remember: whatever you do, don't let the patient die!