Past Games

Remember That I Love You is a narrative game about matching people based on their memories; push people’s emotions to clarify what they remember and at the end pair each character with someone they lo
Fly a well-designed and well-intended spaceship through asteroid encounters. Don't worry, everything is very easy to fix.
This game is a transmission of ideas. The initial idea: A VR game where you literally pick yourself up: There's a little version of you in front of you, and when you pick it up, YOU feel being
Wibble is a skiprope physics sportsball simulation, first to 13 points win! Two players share a analogue joystick, and Wibble their way to master Wibbledom! A iOS version is available but I have
You are a shaman of the land. Use your power of SPACE to bind the land to your will. Will you help the people with what they want? Or will you... not?
Assassins get all the groupies. But who makes sure their shady asses stay out of jail? Bodybag is the story of The Cleaners. You've never heard of them because they're that good.
Echo is found underground, A world of endless night. The Echo creatures learnt to live Without their sense of sight. Become a giant in the land, Conquering the small. But most of all, conquer