Past Games

Gravity Grandpa James is at it again. With his gravitational device he can controll gravity.
Barnharm is a game in which chickens have taken over a small country area. Four farmers have figured out that the chickens can be mind controlled and are able to take on the other rival barns.
Together, help the witch doctor chant the required ritual to cure his poor patients. Each player will have the ability to input a syllables (two up to four at later stages) that make up the chant.
The game is a combination between a rhythm and a collecting game. The player needs to keep pressing buttons on the beat of the music whilst moving a character around to collect time pickups.
Unhinged (Working Title) is a hack & slash game in which a man traverses a bizarre world filled with otherworldly creatures.
Wallz, created by Dat Team is a game in which four players play against each other to survive and find 4 keys hidden in the maze. The goal of the game is to collect the four hidden keys and get to the center of the maze first. The player who manages to do this wins the game. The catch however is that every 15 seconds one of the players gets to change the maze. This is done by inserting a tile on the side of the maze which will move all the tiles in that particular row. Besides the maze being changed every 15 seconds the players are also on a time limit themselves. At the start of the game each player gets a lantern filled with lantern oil. Whilest walking through the maze the players will consume this lantarn oil. The players have to collect latern oil to fill up their lanterns and stay in the light, because when they dont, bad things will happen to them in the dark.