Past Games

Leave No Body Behind The drop ship has crashed, killing everyone. But the AI has a directive.
Well this was the idea: "You are a parasite looking for the ideal new home! But you are not alone in your search.
A satire game based on the idea of building a wall to stop Mexicans crossing the boarder to USA. You play President Trump flying in a helicopter and your goal is to build a wall.
DREDGER is a game where you must safely navigate a defended cargo hulk being towed by the namesake ship, with only a few bullets and your spell-power at hand, fight through to get a set of Items despe
Trapped in a gloomy temple can you find your way out?
We all love rabbits they are cute and friendly. Well... until you flick the switch. Navigate across the world without causing harm to the rabbits, they are fragile and will die instantly.
To be completed later. This better be able to be changed!
Ill decide later what this will be about
You control a giant wrecking ball intent on killing and smashing anything in its path.Watch out for the Tanks who are defending Deception City. They are not your friends. "wink wink"