Past Games

A card game ispired by yahtzee.
"Universe is the home of all animals!" Paganimals explores the idea of home from the perspective of animals and how they might feel about the concept of home.
Theme of GGJ2019 - "What home means to you" It means so many different things. For us it is a place to come back when you leave it. Cause you need it. It is you comfort zone.
In short terms a minimal "Survival / Clicker" game combo. The idea behind ToL is to make white survive the dark.
*** Uploaded Version does not contain multiplayer module. Hoping to add it in a short time. And create a platform to play it online. *** Welcome to Surfer's Paradise!
All schools of magic united against one single enemy! A dark magic weaver! You! A game for mobile / tablet that can be played both single player and co-op!

Hearty Games