Past Games

Your village has been stolen by moles, they have hidden all the electronics in their holes. Try to find and return them to their owners!
Try to print the documents your boss sends to you in this small VR office while the printer keeps breaking.
It`s an action couch party game that has the environmental theme in which four players fight for the hold of a shell that seems like the hermit crab`s home.
You can be the bravest survival crab!
You are a BADASS princess escaping from a evil ritual and you have to BEAT THE SH... take down the enimies
A platform game where the universe can be a bit surprising .
Tome cuidado com o seu humor, pois, ele afeta todo o campo ao seu redor. Mantenha-se calmo ficando entre o estado de ódio e de melancolia, caso você extrapole em algum dos estados os inimigos se torn