Tomer Pigi

Past Games

The great guru Jay has created a set of tools and rules that will help your home feel like your own, just follow his instructions and try not to get confused when Jay constantly changes his mind. F
Stuck in a space base on a distant planet you try to communicate to the neighbouring civilisations, each of them have secret desires. Use your basic signal set to compose a transmission and send it t
It's like Superhot with sonar! stuck in an underwater facility overrun by zombies, and completely in the dark.
An old school CGA, point and click puzzler: You're attending an 8-bit Jewish wedding in Tel Aviv's Port and everyone's happy. Time to destroy the party - can you find any of of the r
A realtime pvp sniping game for mobile. Each player plays a sniper.
An eerie first person exploration adventure with a memory-game mechanic, set in a mysterious foggy marsh land. Meet strangers carrying strange symbols, and try to find your path between them.