Tomasz Cieślewicz

Past Games

informacja przemierza tunel transmisji prawie synchronicznej, plezjochronicznej utrudniają to utrudniacze, przeszkadzajki, obstaklesy, upierdliwości gra przeznaczona na 8-bitowe komputery Atari XL/X
Our friends are coming from a distant galaxy ...
Very grim, fast and crazy ;) Our grave digger playing with their work!
Very fast, playable, dynamic and amazing game ;) This game is answer to the question: What do We do now with Scooby Doo ;) PL: Gra odpowiada na pytanie, co można teraz zrobić wraz z Scooby Doo ;
Life of short point is strange... Take a lollipop towin a game. Game for Atari XL/XE
Explore the world to answer the question: What is the real world, what you see or not? You can find a way to move between realities. What next are you gonna do?
In a galaxy far far away, where Atarians and Comorians are at constant war, you crash land on one of the planets.