Tomasz Cieślewicz

Past Games

(pl) Mamy tu dwa światy, czyli alegorię współczesnej społeczności retro-komputerowej.
Very advanced concept from late 90s but implemented on Atari form late 70s;) 14 layers of scrolled graphics (hardware and software layers) + player's layer. Parallax scrolled sprites.
Kaz: Game for the classic 8-bit Atari XL / XE platform (1.79 MHz processor, 64KB RAM, 5 colors graphic mode at 160x192 pixels, and hires 320x192 pixels in 2 colors).
When you get back home from the long, cosmic journey, you discover Earth was conquered by alien onion-like forms of life... You can't allow these invaders to destroy your place of live.
informacja przemierza tunel transmisji prawie synchronicznej, plezjochronicznej utrudniają to utrudniacze, przeszkadzajki, obstaklesy, upierdliwości gra przeznaczona na 8-bitowe komputery Atari XL/X
Our friends are coming from a distant galaxy ...
Very grim, fast and crazy ;) Our grave digger playing with their work!
Very fast, playable, dynamic and amazing game ;) This game is answer to the question: What do We do now with Scooby Doo ;) PL: Gra odpowiada na pytanie, co można teraz zrobić wraz z Scooby Doo ;
Life of short point is strange... Take a lollipop towin a game. Game for Atari XL/XE
Explore the world to answer the question: What is the real world, what you see or not? You can find a way to move between realities. What next are you gonna do?
In a galaxy far far away, where Atarians and Comorians are at constant war, you crash land on one of the planets.