Past Games

As long you lost in the forest, try to get to the exit before the time ended. But just stay calm for the time limit, the time would only rewind to the very start. Nothing would change, except of you
游戏讲述俩人之间的爱情故事,红色与蓝色与磁铁一样,可相吸相斥,玩家鼠标右键可以改变心的颜色,效果相同。 将破碎开的两人连接到一起,象征着修复破碎感情的过程,如果与不相干的角色相吸,关卡则会直接结束。
平台解谜跳跃类型。 怎样的家疏凿了怎样的你。拖着行李箱,带着从家里学会的种种,一路经历离家,大学、社会、到拥有新的家庭的过程。 目前仅完成了离家及大学的部分。
Play a DOOM-like game in a virtual PC with a twist -- the enemies' appearances are completely distorted.