Past Games

Crazy Aztaxi is a top-down sacrifice game in which you run over unsuspecting victims with your taxi in order to prevent them from bringing about the apocalypse.
The year is 2012+3. Your body has undergone an abnormal reaction that causes your urine to miraculously explode on contact with solid surfaces. What do you do now?
A group of Magicians take away your sight of color. No one believes you. You are checked into an insane asylum.
genre - First person 3D survival horror Background Story- You were just robbed of the most important thing in your life "You dead wife's necklace". You have followed the thief to the old abandoned slaughter house. Once you entered the door slammed behind you and can not be opened. That's when you hear them.... mechanic- listen to the heartbeat to aid in survival.
Fight your way though the Temple of the Guardian, and find yourself defending the realm.