Past Games

Aliens are attacking the Earth! Strategically command your defense satellites to handle the impending threat. There are many abilities that your satellites can use.
Wiz Biz is a game about business; Wizard Business. Being an almighty wizard, you have access to several elemental spells which you need to use to defend your tower from waves of attacking monsters.
Mediocre Mountain is the worlds most-okay survival game.
The life of Johnny Dangerous is not an easy one. Johnny must patrol the streets taking advantage of drugs and alcohol to diversify and enhance his fighting talent.
Dr. Hart is a combination rogue-like / turn-based RPG. Players control a medical doctor panda. The player is tasked with saving 4 patients by fighting their disease. After victory, players are given a moral decision. Let them live, and you gain money, experience and prestige. Let them die and eat their heart, and you have a chance to gain an ability based on the patient-disease combo.
Phoenix Paradox is a game of mystery and adventure where you, the player, travel back in time to save the world from destruction. The only hope is to find the long extinct mystic Phoenixes and gain their power but in doing so you will reshape this ancient place in ways unforeseen. \ \ We know that this version needs work. \ There will be a New updated Version Coming Soon. \ The Next Build will have all the features stated on the page.