Tino Dessì

Past Games

The year is 20xx: the global bacon crisis has forced nations around the world to resort to drastic measures. To preserve mankind from a catastrophe of Masterchef-ish proportions, the US President has
Videogame tribute to DOOM and written thanks to the madness of the last day of JAM when all the Jammers decide to add new implementations to their game. Friends, thanks to lent us your face ;) Wit
Asymmetric board game set inside a shopping center that sees the players in the shoes of the exhibitors who compete for the best positioning inside the structure using methods "beyond the limit o
In a zombie Apocalipse what's your home?
A cooperative Boardgame (1 to 6 players) about migrations and integration.
A game inspired to the Signal Corps Service during the First World War trench warfare.
HOW TO PLAY Flee the "No Escape At-oll" and avoid being crisped by the erupting volcano. Gain enough speed and jump over the coral reef into the open sea. Row your boat by alternating
Smart Sharks is a card game about a surfer chased by sharks in a struggle to survive.
A narrative game set in the '50s, somewhere in the States, during that year oppressive heat wave.

Hearty Games