Timothy Patullock

Past Games

Untitled Birb Game developed by Home Home is game were you play as Wedge Tail Eagle, Australia's largest bird of prey.
Coffee Road is a game about a Game Jam Cup.
Former henchmen and sidekicks have come to your team to learn how to rejoin society. Work as a team of 2-4 to each memorise a list and trigger brainwave recall together at the right time.
BucketHead is a squire asipiring to be a knight. Following orders and completing mundane tasks from his superior. Will BucketHead complete these rituals into Knighthood?
What were to happen if you accidentally defeated the wrong spaceship? Why, you’d have to run back and fix it, reset the traps, and reactivate the bosses that want to kill you.
A two-player-cooperative-navigation-by-shouting-at-each-other survival horror.