Past Games

Finland is the land of a thousand lakes.
Multiplayer rocket-controlling game of delayed signals. Game is available at http://bit.ly/fgjhumans for some days after jam. After that custom server is needed.
It was a stormy night that night. Thunder roared outside like a rabid beast. Two men were bound together by an unlikely event.
This is a multiplayer game of survival! Eat, or be eaten. The bigger you come the stronger your might will be! Eat your way to the top and become the King of the Mouth! You'd be surprised how much bacteria lives inside your mouth and battles of survival and revival every second of your life, this is an infinite struggle! Was done as a responce to this additional diversifier: 1. Healthy mouth The game is about battle between caries and fluoride. Player will learn by the game, how does sugar (candies), acids (like lemonade) and bad dental hygiene cause cavities and may destroy your teeth, if you don’t fight back. This diversifier is sponsored by Helsingin kaupunki Terveyskeskus/Suun terveys.
Pandas are becoming extinct, because they don't know how babies are made. How to play: Click on ground to drop food, which attracts male pandas (and Doomins). Get a girl and a boy panda together to produce baby pandas. Pandas will eventually die of old age or poaching, so make sure pandas are born more than dying. Oh and don't let the Doomins touch the females!
A game about a seedling that tries to reach the surface, dodging obstacles on the way. The game is played by tilting the screen right and left, dodging the black rocks and collecting water on the way up.