Past Games

Welcome to Harmony Home! As the matriarch of this musical house, you know that life imitates art--music included.
Move: WASD Hide in Shell: K Survive as long as you can. If you lose your shell look for a new one!
Transmitta is a puzzle game where you transmit data between satellites to a target satellite.
A shmup where your only weapon is a slow-charging super weapon, the wave motion gun! Survive as long as possible.
Gamer Quest is about the typical ritual of the wild gamer. Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD to move. Mouse for Menu Controls.
Legion Defender is a two player game where one player acts as a hacker, and another a victim who must defend against the hacker's attack.
Co-op shoot 'em up about switching perspectives in order to survive an onslaught of enemies that can only be eliminated by the respective player. EDIT: Final build is barely playable so I pull
Rustle the cat wants to be free in the forest. Create a path for Rustle to navigate while avoiding buildings. Using the Up, Down, and Right arrow keys and the beat, create a path in the Planning Stage. After the first 6 beats in the Planning Stage, push Space to see how you did. Try to memorize the beat as it'll start to disappear in later levels. Try to beat all 3 levels! Think of it as a combination of Rhythm Heaven and Nintendoland's Yoshi's Fruit Cart.