Past Games

reseeding (ˌriːˈsiːdɪŋ) verb (gerund): to sow seeds in previously fertile ground, to maintain or sustain something homophone: recede, to pull back or draw away You've been having tr
Tune up your pizza making skills with Pizza Fix! Pizza Fix is a musical multiplayer collaborative game where players team up to repair an unnamed pizza shop's failing reputation.
Foehn is a game about wind and plants.
CWs: Homelessness, Transphobia/Queerphobia, Childhood Neglect, Emotional abuse, Discussions of CPTSD and Trauma Therapy Home is where the heart is, unless you don't have a home.
Hermit crabs competing for the biggest shell in a messy retro 70s living room.
Helio is a VR universe sandbox game where you are the center of the universe. Borrow some light from the sun, toss planets and dodge asteroids - the galaxy is your playground.
A semi-autobiographical visual novel that explores the difficulties faced by young people living with anorexia.

Hearty Games