Past Games

An apartment building. Four different homes. A most awkward crime. As the manager, you have to listen to your neighbors to solve an enigma.
Destroy your friends with the darkness as your only friend and foe. Controls: With XBox360 controllers: Stick -> Move R2 -> Shoot, but you show yourself in the dark. L1 -> Sonar, see ar
A lonely girl doesn't have anyone to hang out with on a Friday night, so she decides to summon a friend.
Based on Akira Kurosawa's experience with the Great Kanto Earthquake - as written in his "Something Like an Autobiography" -, Tokyo 1923 immerses the player in the midst of a catastroph
You are Sigurdr, a might warrior who is fighting the legendary sea serpent Jormungandr. Everybody knows that Jormungandr has scales forged by the sun and stronger than Svalinn itself so the only way to slay the dire fiend was from inside.