Thomas van Veelen

Past Games

AKA Casa Baba. The witch Baba Yaga has been accused of being a witch (again) and gets proven to be a witch (again). It's time to ditch this village and run away using your chicken leg home!
It's a two-player clash between two titans! One player controls the game in VR, the other on a normal computer screen.
Play as a brave knight and navigate through a level as you are overwhelmed by waves of different emotions!
Perform a ritual dance for Loki as you navigate through a path filled with obstacles. Be sure not to anger the deity by messing it up! Requires controllers.
Embark on your own unique adventure in "What Happened!?" every game is different, with different characters, enviroments and events.
Spy Hunt is an exciting 4 player game where the players are spies who face of their skills against each other.
You find yourself defending a beautiful, magical tree against demons. These demons have decided to manifest themselves as human emotions. Arm your defensive towers with the right emotions to combat the demons in this hectic, addictive game.
Fire and Ice have to work together in this game! They need to venture into each others habitat in order to score points, but they will slowly die while they're there. Help each other out to get the highest combined score!