Past Games

There is someone at the door, but where did you leave your keys? Developed in 48 hours (remotely!) as part of Global Game Jam 2021.
Undertake a journey through your thoughts, to mend your memories and rebuild severed bonds. Stuck in a hospital, trapped in your own body, you must unlock the secrets of your flickering consciousness
A home is a person's most important possession, so when it is lost you, there is only one thing you can do.
Voyager 1 is about to power down. Help relay its final transmission across the Solar System and back home to Earth,
A peaceful wizard attempts to summon a denizen of the Underworld, while being harassed by meddling kids.
Be the best bartender in the world: solve your patrons' life problems while keeping their drinks topped up, to score big tips!
Your experience of life happens inside your brain. A subtle change in mood and now your perception of the world has changed.
This is a game about disaster management.
The lights of the universe are going out, you control the torch of the universe and can try and save many or focus on saving a few.