Thibault Stones

Past Games

Deux équipes d'araignées cyber-mutantes s'affrontent à grands coups de vagues psychiques pour garder le contrôle de la Table ! 4 Players / Manettes Xbox / Éjecter les joueurs de l�
The Mayan god, Kisin, need to be entertained. You have to go through the ritual of totem fight to eased his anger. Keep your totem intact and beware of the God !
3D shooter game with 2 players working together to escape from an alien ship. The first player, on PC, shall survive the waves enemies with his sonic weapon and progress into the ship. The second on
Selon l’état émotionnel dans lequel il se trouve, le personnage perçoit le monde qui l’entoure différemment.
Guided by the music, you go into trance. You will have to choose between two ways of trance : avoidance or acceptance of the incoming spirit stones of Mo'ai. Accomplish your destiny, become a true Mo'ai by following your own path.
Coeur de Pierre is a complete game created on Game Maker. This Zelda like tails the story of the meeting between a vain man and an old witch. This witch takes off the man's clothes to teach him a lesson. Without them he loses all his powers. To regain them, he has to help the villagers in exchange of their clothes. But where does this quest will lead him ?