Past Games

The goal of this project was to make a online multiplayer game that runs in your browser, using simple tech. I got a JavaScript game working and it communicates via WebSockets with a Python game serv
A board game for 2 -16 player puzzle game where players are trying to shift rows and columns on a grid in order to put all players in the correct positions.
You're a rabbit in charge of maintaining your warren.
Beth and Dale have lost the very important Thumbdrive containing the Ruby file they need to repair the rails.
You are Human Resources Officer Ins' Tage-Tor. Your crew has abandoned you. You must use your stellar interpersonal skills to recruit a new crew to help you return to H' Om.
Sonar Loop is a two player game where you have only echo location to guide you, and to see the monsters that hunt you.
multiplayer party game for smartphones and a central screen! ruin classic texts cooperatively! score points for being Teh Cleverest! make your lit major friends sad! yeah party!!
friends romans countrymen! hurry the star-crossed lovers to their doom at the heart of a hedge maze. also stabbing
This year I just wanted to see how far I could get implementing the physics described at in Unity.
Will you become the cat's meow or decompose the horrifying plantivores as a noble earth worm?