Past Games

A hermit crab stuck in a cybernetic colosseum must cycle through tons of mighty mechanically-enhanced shells in order to survive.
Fix your patient's dislocated limbs by using what most people would describe as questionable methods. Hey, if it works, Who cares?
Online versus witch game, I think.
A Game By: Rodrigo Gómez Maitret Music By: Jorge Figueroa Special Thanks: Beñat Morisset Emilia Paredes
Say Hey! is a multiplayer game about spreading kindness and affection to the world.
From Above is a simple versus game where you must launch your weapon to hit your foe but you must do it by having your projectile having crossed the red blinking line first. Please note that the us
Delve Deeper is a game about crawling dungeons and doing it quickly. Its a fast-paced puzzle game wich brings the user to make swift decisions in a matter of a few seconds.