Past Games

Keep your castle together by repairing it as it is besieged by everything!
Home is Something most of us take for granted...But some people have been taken from theirs.
A simulation where you transmit love along an anime highschool.
A wave gesture memorization game.
Click and avoid certain objects with the mouse to keep the timer counting down. More objects appear as the timer decreases. Reach 0 to win.
Pack the items for shipping as fast as you can!
Moving tower defense game based around summoning your warriors through rituals and balancing risk with reward. Unfortunately the game was in an un-playable state by the end of the jam.
A murder has occurred and it's up to you to find out who's the culprit! Solve a series of mini-games and determine the one behind the madness.
The player, nicknamed H, travels from scene to scene, each ordeal sinking into and shaping H’s character, mind as well as body.