Past Games

In a world where the bots are deemed broken and obsolete by humanity are cast out from the Electric City, Scrap-Bots fight each other for spare parts and parts of each other.
Repairate is a fast-paced 4 players local game where you and your friends need to clean up and repair the pirate boat after a raucous party.
You play an Electrician, on the job in a new building, when suddenly your lift falls to the bottom floor. Your colleague is injured. "What do we do now?" he asks.
A Game about exploring (PROTOTYPE: NOT FINISHED)
This is Slingshot Surgery You take on the role of a paramedic who spends his days transporting hearts for transplant patients at Defiled heart hospital. how courageous. but today as you arrive at the hospital to find your path blocked by yet another group of angry protesters, protesting something, probably stem cells or flu shots, what does it matter, there in your way and there not going anywhere fast. drastic times call for drastic measures, using your skills with the tools provided you grab two of there signs and some elastic wrap from the ambulance and construct a makeshift slingshot. take aim and get those hearts to the surgeons as fast as you can, those patients need there transplant but don't hit the obstacles, a heart splattered all over the wings of a plane is no use to anyone
Game is not finished.