Past Games

Contact lost with the crew in planet Karakis 049. You are sent there for a search and rescue mission. Good Luck Officer!
Instead of repairing you try to break things, so its a kind of anti repair :)
What home means to your cat is an entirely different thing than it does to you. We hope you have house insurance.
4 player co-op shooter game which you have to protect your transmitter tower and also upgrade it to finish the game.
Try to survive by avoiding wavy walls and various obstacles. Colorful, full audio spectrum VR game.
Power up pylon cubes by twisting laser beam with mirrors. Visualize weird ritual symbols with lasers, good luck!
Neanderthal Survival Game about keeping your population alive as long as you can. Beware as these uncivilized folk tend to eat their fellows!
Crazy multiplayer octopus survival game
You are the last blobfish and you must reach to water at all costs! As a blobfish you have to stop your own extinction by not dying from bad physics moves.
Navigate platform levels while switching between your donkey and monkey forms! Watch out for other animals! Monkeys don't like donkeys and donkeys don't like monkeys! Also use the wall-jumps with monkey!