Past Games

A quick two player competitive reaction game where the players compete to finish patterns to win rounds with a best out of seven being the goal. Both players have half of the screen each and tap bu
2D Side-Scroller which uses the emotions of the protagonist to determine the environment and level.
Randomly generated Amnesia with tones of Slender and SAW
\"The arrow of time and the dimensions of space are easily surmountable, nothing done has any more relevance than imagined fantasy, and one of the greater moral precepts is to have a good meal -- along with, perhaps, some stimulating conversation.\"
A survival game based on the management of limited resources.
Each player controls 1 of 3 spiders that jump and shoot web to stop the other players from reaching the goal of reaching the outside of the sink. Players can shoot sturdy or weak web to trap and deceive other players, or help them to climb up the level. Controlled with XBox 360 controllers on a PC