Past Games

Explore the map to find the clues that will lead you to the treasure Players move from tile to tile, searching for the map pieces.
The players are bounty huntin' warrior librarians - out to seek justice, right wrongs, and bring our books home Track down people with overdue books, trying to subdue them with mystical librarian
Two friends play a game of hide and seek, each of them has a unique way of seeing the environment around them. How to Play The aim of the game is to find your friend who is hiding in the hou
A mysterious plague of cardiac arrests are sweeping the peaceful town of Prunesville. As the only surgeon on call during the graveyard shift it is up to you and your healing hands to jumpstart them back to life! Extend your will out past your body and into their ribcage and beat their heart back to life, all the while avoiding the fat cells that get in your way.