Past Games

The engine is out of control! There are reefs ahead! AND PROM IS TOMORROW~! Use your magical voice(s) to create waves that'll carry the boat out of harms way!
An endless ritual spirit collection game set in the lore of StoneHenge... spirits are drawn to this mystical place, but passage to the netherworld is blocked!
Four people in a small city have intertwined lives.
We intended that the player was a blob that left pieces of itself behind, but that those pieces could be picked up later so as to grow bigger again and thus extending your time in the labyrinth.
God hates us, and you must help humanity survive His wrath.
The world's but a stage, and monkeys have gotten to the stagelights. Without the light, you can't see the truth, but monkeys are pranksters, so you can't always trust the truth they show you.