Tan zhen xiong

Past Games

The long awaited prequel to When Horses Fly, When Horses Could Not Fly combines aspect of city building and war onto a quirky 48 hour game.
Kids has been going missing in the town of townsville.
SOLO GAMe, made by 1 person aka me Ur a prez City is damage repair city an unknown virus comes and u have to do what do be do Note Resistant = harder for infection to spread in 1 city Blockad
Summary When Horses Fly is a game where the player plays as a mayor of a small floating city trying to survive.
BluSnarfing is 3D cubic game where the player plays as black hat who's job is to find targets from jobs just like a hitman would.
A game about devoting humans to pony! You have gotta feed the pony god with all evil humans that are out to destroy mankind. *You just have gotta do it quick!"
What Do? is a 2d puzzle plat-former, that requires 2 player to reach the end of the level by getting to the red arrow.