Tamyres Lucas

Past Games

A game about a robot wakes up without memories in an abandoned lab and needs to repair its mental and physical functions to get out of there.
Home should be a peaceful and the safest place for everyone. However, domestic violence is hidden everywhere. In order to end what could be a tragic story is to break the silence.
Solve data transmission issues in this puzzle game. You have a limited amount of time and transmissions to solve it in each level.
A simple game about a kid, a cake and a time machine. In this puzzle platform game, you must travel in time to make your way through the apartments without being seen by any adult.
A game about the search for a identify
Vikings battles agains monsters using plushes. (unfinished)
Story of Tchuibi tells the story about a creature called Tchuibi, its has woken in a world where creatures like it are in deep sadness and rage.
During a kid`s nightmare, a monster chases the player character. You have to rescue your teddy bear and escape from the monster.