Past Games

A game for four players!! Plot: Four seniors in university struggle to upload their projects on time. With WIFI acting weird in the dorm, Four of them have to fight for it.
In Taipei Metro(MRT), as a public environment, there are several rules to be considered as local customs or impolite behaviors. That also be called common sense.
2D橫向卷軸,動作冒險遊戲。 使用方向鍵移動,空白鍵跳躍。 遊戲分成現在和過去,玩家必須用Shift切換時空,在相似的景物體驗不同的人生觀和尋找回憶。 本遊戲有兩姊妹,因為一些因素疏遠,玩家必須操控妹妹去尋找回憶和契機讓姊妹破鏡重圓。