Past Games

You are in the year 1800, in a parallel reality.
You must search the path, write the path, send the path, then the rest will follow... Be accurate, or they could get lost.
A game about fixing shitty robots using your electronics skills and some luck. Be careful, robots may harm our test subject.
Competitive game for 2 to 4 players where they try to control as many rooms as possible. You can build blocks as long as they are connected with the base. If you build next to another player, you co
This game has a series of minigames related to the theme that players have to win before the others.
You are a radio operator during the WWII in the atlantic sea. You must help a vessel to reach the port using your radio and a map.
Demuestra tu etiqueta durante el día más feliz de su vida.
Las alocadas aventuras de unos pobres campistas. Party game en local hasta 4 jugadores (requiere gamepads).
You are an Indian exploring the area searching for animal totems that allow to use his animal sight to see things that you couldnt see before.
It is a game about running and suffering! You have to tap at the same time of the beat in the song. In the race you play simultaneously with all the people online.
Wandering the deserted streets, you cling to the hope of someone else being spared. Was that a real whisper, in that corner, or just a hallucination?

Hearty Games