Past Games

It’s been far too long since you’ve been able to get some sleep. Why? Your house is haunted! Ghosts screech, scream, and holler for the items that will finally lay them to rest.
A game about the struggles of an honest pipe repairman forced to deal with his day to day kleptomania.
In Top Dog : Urinary Territory You play as a group of stray dogs figting over territory the only way they know how, by marking as much of the city with their urine as they can.
The year is 2450. Humanity as lost his hope. All remain to human species, is the belief of something greater.
Space, The last border These are the voyages of the USS Moses Its (not very long) mission Across a deadly asteroid belt To boldly go where spaceships crashed before The game is a cooperative e
You have been chosen for the ultimate sacrifice of the god Ix Chel.
This top-down, puzzle arcade-style game challenges player navigation in a co-op setting. The only game mechanic of displacement forces the players to communicate effectively as moving too far or too