Past Games

You are just a boy that wants to make a video game at Game Jam. But you got no skills, no people and no money. The only way for you to win the Game Jam is to take, take, take.
What you see is a fish but you are not seeing a fish. It's a fish, bird, airplane, spaceship, and so on. Use the arrow keys to move around.
You are walking casually downtown on a sunny afternoon when suddenly, a random attacker pops out of nowhere and stabs you through the heart! You must find your way quickly to the hospital, dodging obstructions in your path and collecting objects to keep you alive! Directions: - The player moves automatically right from the screen. Dodge the obstacles and collect the items using the UP and DOWN arrows!
Young Carl Jung is having a nightmare: he's trapped inside the Ouroboros, being eaten over and over again! Help him escape by cutting through the snake's belly!